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PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TODAY! Our official, 501(c)(3), Non-Profit, is funded by your generosity. Any and all financial donations help our flock so much, and are greatly appreciated! Keep scrolling down to our Donorbox link to find out how you can donate one time, or monthly! We take all forms of payment through our website.


(Here are the items we desperately need, and will be able to accept immediately. Just email us, and we can tell you how to drop them off, and make sure you get a tax deductible receipt for your donation.) 
*Rust free cages. (Preferably not small wired cages.) 
*New toys only.
*New or gently used Java or Dragonwood stands.
*New or gently used rolling stands with no rust.
*New or gently used play stands with no rust.
*Unopened food. (No seeds, unless it is for a treat.) We use pellets only. 
*New or gently used travel carriers.
*New or very gently used perches.
*New Vet/Bandage Wrap (Amazon link below, also.)
*New shower/window perches
*Bowls (Both travel, and stainless steel cage bowls are needed.) 

*Opened bags of bird food.
*Used toys.
*Overly used perches.
*Anything with rust on it, unless it's a large cage, where only the hardware is rusted. If the rest of the cage is in good condition, we can replace hardware and wheels.
*Anything that has come from a home with a smoker.
*Cages extensively used, or with rust, or any damage.
*Snuggle nests or tents.

OUR FAVORITE AMAZON SUPPLIES THAT ARE ALWAYS IN NEED DESPERATE NEED! (BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKING; WE LISTENED! So, here's our list! Just message us for how to send these items directly. All items donated are tax deductible! 

LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier Pet Allergy Replacement Filter, 3-in-1 Filter, Efficiency Activated Carbon, Core300-RF-PA, 1 Pack, Yellow https://a.co/d/9aLpDqw

DMI Ultra Absorbent Extra Large Incontinence Bed Pads 36x36, Disposable, 50 Pack of Underpads, Proven Protection for All Furniture and Surfaces, FSA and HSA Eligible https://a.co/d/7f8VFsf
Prevue Pet Products 62816 Naturals Jute Spring Bird Toy, Natural https://a.co/d/h771B5A

Bonka Bird Toys 2414 Small Cardboard Globe Natural Chewy Bird Toy Conure Parakeet Cockatiel and Similar https://a.co/d/8LP7fh5

Bonka Bird Toys 922 Ducky Ringer Bird Toy Parrot cage Toys Cages Cockatiel Conure Toys Parakeet https://a.co/d/4zsOcBe

Harrison's Bird Food Power Treats with Red Palm Fruit Oil, 1 lb. 454g https://a.co/d/7fjzibn

Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder, 0.5 Oz https://a.co/d/1inPrQL

Harrison's Bird Foods Pepper Lifetime Coarse 5lb Certified Organic Non-GMO Formula https://a.co/d/2c6P8D5

Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Sale Pinatas Natural Bird Toy, X-Large/17 https://a.co/d/4SS9xgV

GILYGI 22.4” Large Parrot Chew Toy Bird Chewing Toy Multicolored Wooden Blocks Tearing Toys with 4 Mini Sneakers for African Gray Mini Macaws Cockatoos Eclectus Amazon Parrot Birds https://a.co/d/0oPdD4S

Harrison's Bird Foods Adult Lifetime Sup Fine 1lb Certified Organic NonGMO Formula https://a.co/d/607ieJo

UnRuffledRx Aloe Vera Bird Bath Spray for Daily Care & Skin Health 8 Fl Oz - Soothe, Soften, and Protect Your Bird https://a.co/d/6FWHyuP

GILYGI New Upgraded Pots and Multicolored Ring Toys, Pullable 8 Stainless Steel Cups and 8 Wooden Ring Toys for Large and Extra Large Parrot Amazons Macaws African Greys Cockatoos https://a.co/d/eFEdIUT

A&E Cage Co. Java Wood Multi Branch Perch - Large - 26 in. x 2.4 in. https://a.co/d/344qNt9

A&E Cage Company Medium Single Java Wood Tree Play Stand - 48"x 28" x 66" https://a.co/d/gxhkTFc

Prevue Pet Products Coffeawood Tree Style #2 Floor Stand Extra-Small 22621 https://a.co/d/dqIySWT

A&E Cage Company AE250S Java Wood Tree https://a.co/d/7N78PWM

Bonka Bird Toys 3637 Large Z Link Multiple Use Bird Toy 14.50 x 3, Parrot Pull Tug Cage Toy, Eclectus, Macaw, Amazon, and Similar https://a.co/d/5P5golU

Premium Disposable Bed Pads for Adult Incontinence [100 PADS] 30 X 36 Heavy Duty Pee Pads for Beds - Ultra Absorbent Chux Disposable Underpads for Adults 30x36 - XX-Large https://a.co/d/9SoRmoV

Grooming Geo NU Perch® for Parrots African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Eclectus https://a.co/d/2thvTzU

12 Rolls Colorful Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap, 4 Inch x 5 Yards Cohesive Vet Tape for First Aid (12 Colors) https://a.co/d/g0Ylz8a

Bonka Bird Toys 1340 Sneaker Delight 11" Long by 4.75" Wide Parrot Cahe Toy, Amazon, African Grey, Eclectus, and Similar https://a.co/d/6NQsyCD


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