Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida, Inc., is an official, 501(c)(3), NonProfit, Parrot & Toucan, Rescue.
We strive to be Florida's premier parrot & toucan nonprofit resource, and we're here to help all those we can! 
EIN# 87-3407588.         
(NOTE: We are not a wildlife resource. Please only contact Florida Fish & Wildlife for all wild birds.)

Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida, Inc., holds a 501(c)(3), NonProfit status, and we are located in Jacksonville, Florida; serving everyone we can!

**Be sure to click on the, "Our Flock," (Behind the Scenes,) tab on the left, (or above on your mobile device,) for a full inside look at all the fun activities, training sessions, living areas, enrichment, video montages, and SO much more; ALL here at Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida!**

Our charity is family run, and committed to rescuing parrots, and toucans in need. Our goal is to help all people who need our assistance, parrot owners, zoos, shelters, animal services, as well as animal/avian educational organizations, who simply need help with their birds, or want to do more to educate the public about parrots, while being a rescue to all who need our help. We believe we can all learn from each other, and we strive to be the experts others can look to for guidance. We provide housing, everyday care, enrichment, behavior training, rehabilitation when appropriate, veterinary care when necessary, and rehoming through adoptions. Each precious parrot who is surrendered to Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida, is properly quarantined. We take our time to evaluate each bird's behavior, and do our best to socialize, interact, and train them to the very best of our ability here at Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida. We have an "open door/open book," policy; which is why you will always be able to see our birds posted on our social media platforms. All of our birds are kept in extremely clean, fun, healthy, large, rust-free, HEPA filtered, highly air purified, enriching environments, with plenty of toys, exercise, foraging items; and proper experienced training, lots of love, and attention, .... 24/7. Our parrots and toucans are housed inside, but have a beautiful outdoor aviary with enrichment, toys, multiple perches, auto-misters, and both shaded, and sunny areas they can enjoy under our supervision. Our birds' health is of the utmost importance! Our parrots are fed, "Harrison's Bird Foods," and "Mazuri," brands of pellets, along with a fresh daily chop, and only given RO or distilled water once/twice daily. Our toucans are fed Mazuri pellets, fresh fruit, & distilled water only, daily. Everyday we strive to assist all who reach out to us for help. Our mission is; "Saving parrots as time flies...(and people too!)" We are always open, and very responsive. We understand everyone has a unique situation, and we do our very best to accommodate, and communicate. Contact us anytime for advice, support, help, or if you know, or have a parrot, or toucan, (softbill,) in need. We offer care, education, training, foster programs, and even educational experiences online!! (Live events coming soon!) And, of course, all our birds' habitats are HEPA air filtered, with an ultra clean, enriching, and active environment where they always feel safe, healthy, loved, and happy. We dedicate our lives as a family to understanding these birds, and helping them; along with people, better understand the enormous responsibilities of owning these beautiful creatures in happy, healthy, and proper, living conditions.

If your parrot has not been seen by a true avian veterinarian, we recommend, "The Exotic Bird Hospital,: (here locally,) in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our home based rescue and sanctuary runs on your donations, and we simply could not do this without your generousity! Consider donating, or sponsoring a parrot today! We strive to always be your premier, 501(c)(3), parrot and toucan rescue/sanctuary in the state of Florida!
Thanks again for reaching out to Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida. Our family is here to help you, as well as all our flighted friends, through unconditional love, education, proper veterinary care, exquisite living conditions, and your continued community support. We are a rescue and sanctuary who supports educated breeders, and the conservation of all parrot and toucan species. We believe the more educated we are, the more we can all work together as breeders, private pet owners, zoos, shelters, animals services, and rescues, to create a beautiful environment for these creatures to thrive, as they teach us more about their many mysteries! We hope you join our mission, joy, and love for God's beautiful winged creatures! Our family of four is home 24/7, and always hear to help you, and your birds. From our local shelters, to zoos across the nation; our "flock," is here for you!!
Sincerely, The Sullivan Family; Daniel & Beth Sullivan, & our boys, Aedan & Rylan.

••• We PRIDE ourselves, and our 501(c)(3) status, in being the very best we can be; always. We adopt birds out who are health checked, usually microchipped, (when appropriate,) socialized, fed impeccable diets, rehabbed, & behavior trained to the VERY best of our professional knowledge, abilities, and efforts. We are not bird hoarders, breeders, nor one of the many fake nonprofits without an IRS status. We do not work with bullies, scammers, or people within the trafficking of exotics. We are not flippers, boarders, or a store front for birds. We have a proper quarantine area, and all our birds are in the very best living environments, with heavily purified air, and deemed healthy before they are ever put up for adoption, or enter our sanctuary before adoptions take place. When you adopt a bird from us, please know, that under most circumstances, you are getting one with all the responsibilities, & expenses you would normally have when getting a new bird, but instead we have done them for you and saved you money! We are a full working, completely family run, honest, kind, hard-working, nonprofit, & we can’t do what we do without your donations. Please understand that taking care of an exotic parrot can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Never let a donation cost to charity be your deciding factor. Please do your research before ever owning one.

ADOPTION PROCESS: (This is repeated multiple times throughout our website.) 

We currently have no available parrots up for adoption. Please check back again soon!!

(Each parrot has a minimum adoption fee. Only those who have properly requested, filled out, sent back, and are called because they are a match, will be notified of that minimum donation. All donations will be tax deductible.)

Most of our available parrots are vetted, DNA sexed, de-banded, extensively behavior trained, & socialized with people, pets, and children, and most are microchipped. (Each is an individual. We will only call you if you are the right fit for one of these birds.) All our birds come with a Health Certificate, and proof of DNA sexing.

Please send in your completed application. We will only call if you are a fit. Again, you must request an application from this website. We will respond with an attached application you will need to fill out completely, and email back to us promptly. 

You must request an application from our website, fill it out, & send it back promptly, in order to get on our waiting list, or even to be considered. We do have a minimum donation requirement to adopt each parrot, & we will let you know the donation IF you’re a fit. We will ONLY call those who have filled out their application, sent them back promptly, & are a fit! So, get your applications over NOW! ❤️ These precious parrots make amazing pets. No additional information, or photos will be given. We will only call those who we believe to be a fit. We do not allow "store browsing." We are not a store, and that is not how our operation runs.
As we mentioned, there is a minimum adoption donation, (which varies,) for each parrot being adopted, based on the work, veterinary care, grooming, bloodwork, microchipping, and training/socialization involved. Again, please email us directly from this website to request an application. Do not ask us for a, "talking bird." You will be immediately disqualified. Please do your research before asking for any specific type of parrot, or any exotic pet. Parrots are a huge commitment, and require more attention, and more veterinary care than domestic pets.

1.) We are a rescue first, and foremost. We also help parrot owners who need help rehoming, and we rehome "sanctuary/home" parrots as necessary, or if, and only if, the circumstance is appropriate. We bring in every parrot as a, "pet" first. We treat them as part of our family, and over time, we make the best decision for them, as possible.

2.) We are not a store front, nor do we breed birds. All photos of our home sanctuary are posted all over social media. The only tours we allow are for those people surrendering parrots, or anyone we have called to adopt a parrot. We do not allow people to browse our home, or "window shop," our birds, so please don't ask. Tours, or parties are not available at this time, but are something we are working on for the future.
NOTE: Our address is private, and only given to those surrendering or adopting a parrot. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida.

3.) We rarely post our birds up for adoption. Just because you see a photo of a parrot on this website or any of our many social media platforms, does not mean it is up for adoption. In order to adopt, you must request an application, and we will send you one to fill out. Be sure to fill it out completely, and email it back to us promptly to get on our waiting list. We only call those who are a fit, and have filled out an application thoroughly, and are on our waiting list. (Please note if you are a regular donor, volunteer, or foster, at the top of your application!)

4.) Do not call asking what parrots we have up for adoption. Please read this website thoroughly to understand our proven process. Please remember; we are a sanctuary first and foremost, and we are here to help as many owners as we are able. Our phone number is for surrenders only.

5.) Surrendered birds should ideally be up-to-date on vet visits, and/or bloodwork, to be able to come to Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida. Preferably all vet visits should be current before surrendering your parrot. We are not veterinarians, and do not do extensive rehab on parrots. We will do some helpful behavior training/tips, but cannot take in sick, injured, nicotine addicted, or unhealthy birds without donations to do so, (and we must assess the situation first.) Proof of a negative Polyomavirus, Avian Psittacosis, (Chlaymdia,) Feather and Beak Disease, and DNA sexing are imperative. (Grooming does not count for proof of full veterinary care, but we do need to see any and all visits made.) If these are not done, we can get them done for you, or can get some of them done for you. Just ask us how.

All donations are non-refundable, and non-returnable, but fully tax deductible. A tax deductible receipt will be given to you for your donation(s); (for "financial," and "items" donated.)

PARROTS: 101 --- FROM BUDGIES TO MACAWS --- THESE SAME RULES APPLY TO OWN A "PET" PARROT. (We not against owning a wild, exotic, parrot! That is truly what they are meant to be. But, if you want a "pet," these rules must be followed strictly.) 

1.) It's the number one most common misconception, but a parrot should never be allowed on your shoulder; (especially larger birds!!) At least not until a VERY long time bond has been established between the parrot and owner, (and even then, it's not something that should ever be taught, or encouraged.) Please do your research, and don't pay attention to all the photos that can sometimes be very misrepresented of parrots. Generally, keep your parrot below your eye level.

2.) Unless you are a breeder, a parrot should never have access to a mirror, box, snuggle nest, tent, or any type of "nesty" type toys. This will cause hormonal behaviors, and can lead to aggression.

3.) Parrots should NEVER have seeds as part of their regular diet. A small percentage is ok, and seeds can be used for training. But, are not a staple; (no matter what pet stores may tell you.) Make sure your parrot is eating a well-balanced, pelleted diet, (like Harrison's or Mazuri,) as it's staple pelleted diet, along with fresh veggies! (Stay away from sugary or fruity pellets, and fruits should only be an occasional treat.)

4.) Teflon cooking products, (i.e. non-stick cooking products,) as well as candles, plug-ins, cigarettes, or smoke of any kind, should never be used around parrots. It will absolutely lead to their death; even if not in the same room.

5.) Although free-flying a parrot is beautiful and natural, it is a better idea to keep them safe until they understand you, and their environment. Also, it's best to make sure you are trained in teaching free-flight to your parrot so they return safely. This is a basic rule if you prefer to have a "pet," over a wild parrot who can easily become aggressive, or dominate in your household.

6.) Your parrot should be taken to a veterinarian just like your normal domestic pets. Make sure you have a licensed avian vet around you before considering a pet parrot. Avian vets are not common, but many diseases carried by birds can be transmitted to other birds, as well as people, (like Chlamydia!) That is why all parrots must be quarantined when going into a new environment with other birds.

7.) Parrots need regular beak and nail trims every 2-3 months. -- Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida provides this service for a donation to birds who have been adopted from us, and are current on veterinary care! Email us for details!

8.) Parrots NEED 15-17 hours of covered, blackout, darkness, in a quiet place, every single night; routinely. Ideally, parrots should be covered by 5pm daily. (Larger birds like African Greys, Amazons, Macaws, and especially cockatoos, should be covered by 4/4:30pm at the latest. (Cockatiels need a partial cover, and/or a nightlight due to common. "night terrors," within the breed.) Otherwise, this is very important to keep your bird less hormonal, less aggressive, happier, and an overall, better "pet." If you are not home between the hours of 9am-2pm, as a general/standard rule; you should not own a parrot; especially a large one.

9.) Parrots need RO or Distilled drinking water ONLY. (Some bottled water is ok.) Never give your parrot tap water.

10.) Parrots need a variety of perches, toys, java trees, and loads of daily interaction with their humans! This is why it is difficult, (and typically not ideal,) for someone to own a parrot who doesn't work from their home office. Your parrot should be covered by 5pm every night, and uncovered around 8/9am every morning. This will help with aggression, hormones, health, and make them a better overall pet!

11.) ROUTINE IS KEY. We all have busy lives, and, yes, our routines change sometimes. But, doing your best to keep your parrot on a daily routine will also help keep them happy, healthy, and friendly!

12.) If your parrot is banded, please take it to a licensed veterinarian to have it removed, immediately. Bands are breeder bands, and mean nothing to the owner, and can only cause harm to your parrot. They are not used in any form of ID. If your parrot is 65 grams or more, you can have it microchipped by a licensed professional. (If your vet or professional suggests sedation for microchipping, this is a huge sign to RUN!! There are bird safe needles, and no bird should have to be sedated in any way to microchip it, unless it is for a medical necessity explained by your veterinarian.

13.) Avocados will kill a parrot. Please look for an approved veterinary list of other toxic foods, and plants.
Please email us anytime if we can help you in any way! We are always here to help, and enjoy educating others, and learning from others, as well!

14.) Rusted cages are not ok for your parrot. They most definitely will cause metal toxicity poisoning; which leads to twitching, vomiting, excessive regurgitating, seizures, neurological disorders, and typically death. If your parrot(s) is in a rusted cage, please get rid of it immediately!

15.) As a general rule; a parrot should not be above your eye level. After a very well established bond is built, and the parrot views you as a FLOCK LEADER, and NOT a mate, or mother; then this rule can be broken. (Please note: this can sometimes take years of bonding, and a well-established relationship with your parrot.) Keep perches below your eye level. (Generally, play tops on cages are not recommended.)

16.) Parrots need 2-4 fully immersed baths per week. (Shower perches work great for bonding!) Misting your parrot is not a "bath!!" Also, because birds love to bathe, make sure their water bowl is not their bath. Keeping a water bowl they cannot fit themselves into, is usually best. Parrots need real baths. Not mists, or water bowl baths, but real baths/showers; just like people. This is another way to keep your parrot healthy, happy, and less aggressive.

17.) Nesty type toys, (along with snuggle tents, and mirrors,) are also a hormonal trigger for your parrot. Keep "washable" or wood toys in their cages. Any "shreddy" or "nasty" type toys should be used outside of the cage on a playstand, and ideally under supervision.

18.) Parrots are about 38% more sensitive than us to scents. This is is one of the major issues with smoking, and owning a parrot. Even if you are a smoker, and only smoke outside, the chances of your parrot being addicted to nicotine is usually pretty high. We typically cannot take in nicotine addicted birds, mostly because withdrawals for them can be excruciating, and disturbing. Please keep this in mind when you decide to surrender your parrot. Please do not smoke, and own a parrot... EVER. It is detrimental to their health, and long term care.

19.) Birds should never be pet below the neck. Anything below the neck is "sexual" to the bird. You should never be known as a mate or a mother to your bird; only a flock leader. This will make or break the difference between having an aggressive parrot, or a pet.

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*Rainbow Parrot Rescue Florida is a 501(c)(3), Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Corporation: 
EIN# 87-3407588, and founded "officially," in July 2021.*

*Florida Department of of Agriculture and Consumer Services: "The Solicitation of Contributions Act," Certified.*